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Godkänd för F-skatt

Aurora borealis, its my drug, cant stop be fascinated of the best light show in the world, i am a Auroraholic.

I'm really lucky to live where i live, i have this magic light show just some km away.

All my Aurora pictures are captured in Vermland. I arrange workshops in how to photograph this magic light.

The hard part is to know if it comes or not, if it will be clouds or not, so weather and space weather forcasts is an important thing in Aurora photography.

The period that you can see the show is late August to early May then the night sky get all to bright under the summer time.


I grew up in the nature, it was my playroom.

I just love to be there and feel as a part of it.

I find the nature as a room with no stress around, just relax and find lovely images to capture or sit in a shelter hidden and wait for some animal to show up. Nature is a big block of diffrent enviroments, the deep wild or the more civilised, love em both.

The absolutely best thing is to stay out over a week end, living in a tent or just spend the summer nights under the sky.

To be in the Armed Forces as a photographer is not the easiest way to go. I have been in the Army for a lot of years, been sent abrod in UN and Nato missions. I have served my time and are still in there from now and then. Nowdays im in the Air force, heavely armed with cameras instead of guns and grenades.

Model photography  is the newest part in my photography story and i love it.

It opened up a new world when i started to use studio flash on-location, just so much fun an a lot of creativity that could come out and play.

Sport photography. One of the most inspiring type of photography i ever tryed, action and performance in overdose.

Weddings and Pregnancy

I shoot weddings and

engagement, not my normal thing to shoot, so i have decided to do only three hour sessions. Before the act, the act and portrais. The rest is up to your self.

Pregnancy, i only shoot them if there is a good, cretiveand and fun idea behind it.